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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> several local neighbors still waiting for plows to clear the snow and this morning black ice is an issue on road and sidewalks. >> tuesday, january 26, weather and traffic coming up on the fives and we'll check in with tucker in a couple minutes. >> i didn't hear the crews on my street morning. >> no not yet. >> that is the unplowed. >> good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> we continue to dig out. federal government offices and the district closed today. emergency and telework ready i employees not to follow policies. >> metro riders most train stations are now on running on modified schedule every 12 minute. however no service on silver
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line and four orange line stations have to start the orange line in boston this morning. regular fares in place. you have to pay today. meanwhile, 79 metro's 91 bus routes run on a severe snow plan. metro access will resume service beginning noon today get cars out of metro garages by 9:30. >> amtrak also inches closer to normal service today. trains will operate on a modified schedule with service north of district expected to be at least 80%. in virginia, vre service cancelled today and in marylan maryland, mark will offer limited service. check the web site orall ahead. it could be oolt couple days before local airport are caught up from days of cancelled and delayed flight. right now reagan national and dulles international one run way is on at both airport. travelers you can expect implemented service throughout the week. >> some folks have been getting limited service from snow nows
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and a few of you need digging out. >> "fox5" bob barnard are checking out areas that need a plow i wish you were on my street bringing a little attention to it good morning. >> we'll dlom next. go morning, steve, allison. some people have not been touched and some plowed there's still trouble. this is water drop court in burtonsville a town home community they had a bob cat come in last night and we got a call from a woman who says look what they've done now. the circle cleared but people are trapped by mound of snow and how do you get out to work or doctors point. that woman i told you is is sandy jails she's come out to join us. sandy good morning you're not happy you called us and people hitting us up on social media we're going by to see other people as well. tell me what you think of what you see here. >> i think it's deplorable. i'm one of the originals. and i have constantly seen a decline in the care that they give us.
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they're constantly going up on our association fee and there's a big budget for snow removal but as you see, no snow has been removed from this court. >> pushed and now trapping your car. you say you have a couple -- had a couple doctor's payments today and to cancel them. >> yes, indeed. it's a constant battle with the association. i have sent them about five emails since friday and i am very, very upset. and it has caused a lot of guess gruntle among the neighbors because when they dig this car out he puts the snow in front of somebody else's car and you know that's a problem too. however, if greencastle lakes community association would do their job we as neighbors on water drive court would not have the this problem. >> mrs. jiles thank you very much. it's local governments that have not been able to catch up thank you miss sandy local governments are trying to catch
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up and goat all local neighborhoods and county governments and state highways have to work to do getting into this area new hampshire avenue three lanes down two down one and it happens upon you quickly. you think everything is plowed and that's not case and then you get into private neighborhood like this and they have people do some work but it's still a mess what they left behind and people like miss jails or have to go to work or doctor appointments are trapped and a lot of back breaking work ahead. keep hitting you us up. we'll get to you. "fox5" dig out is #. we heard from quite a few of you and then loop back to your neighborhood. >> there's more people that need it more than i do. >> you feel for everybody in the situation but you know everybody is in that situation. millions of people in the area are still seeing situations like that. even in some -- in the district arlington and other places that
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have bigger snow-clearing budget some roads are down to one lane. >> day what three? >> we'll get there. >> montgomery county crews work around the clock to clear out the piles of snow there. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is there live with the latest road conditions. mel. any better what are you seeing? >> you know actually on these main roads things i have to tell you are looking good right now. we're headed to the icc inter county connector. we will leave this part of montgomery county the north potomac area and head over to silver spring where prince gerald tweet med with a picture of his road you can check that out it looks like he was able to clear most of the driveway there's still a good 2 1/2 feet of snow or more on his street as well. we'll check that out. but ki not tell you if you look at the snow operations map
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we're seeing more yellow that means the street has been done more yellow on that map an we found some streets this morning that looked on the map like they were cleared and they were. so i know they are also working as well to try to get to everybody but if you can get to main roads you have no problem getting a round today. you have to watch out those delays suddenly unexpected snow miles we'll be back in a bit. >> we're starting day in 30s. >> >> i mid 40s. >> that caught me by surprise.
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d in the discrepancy in temperatures there air coming in south and west trying to warm it up. nap 41. baltimore 21. big sgrepcy across the area and locallyed in the beltway we're at or above freezing and we'll look at highs for everybody in the 40s today. even if off north and west you'll get close to 40 this afternoon. all right. there's a weak cold front out to the west. that could bring us a couple of sprinkles or rain showers a little later today. and not sure it's enough to warrant your umbrella but you can bring it in case as we'll have a few scattered showers again today. mid 40s. generally cloudy skies today. not a lot of sun it's the frontal system comes through. cloudy and school. still, 44 should feel good and look at quantico and leonardtown mid 40s. mannasas, 45. 46 leonardtown and all in all another afternoon that will be able to chip away at block of snow and ice that's outside your door. >> uh-huh.
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>> thanks, >> every little bit helps. >> all right. >> checking in with erin cuomo right now. erin. >> i wore a spring dress today it's my stand against the blizzard. >> i like it. >> you look like a doll baby. >> thank you allison you look beautiful as well. i'm ready for spring and summer temperatures. but, until then, this is what we're up against this morning as we dig out. 66 all jammed up from 123 up to beltway and that's because of snow removal. give yourself a lot of extra time if you take 66 and you try to get to the work this morning. aside from that looking at 95. 95 ewington huge delays yesterday for snow removal and right now all lanes on 95 northbound i'll get out of the way is picking up. all lanes on and traffic seems to be pretty clear as far as ice and snow conditions are concerned stafford to beltway. here's a look 270, 270 southbound this is the most traffic i've seep all week long so far and since the snow started, 270 picking up father hurley as you head to the spur. the♪ is completely cleared from those lanes.
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good news. look at maps we'll take a look live cameras to icc eastbound dealing with snow removal after 370 and water side drive closed massachusetts for snow removal and gw parkway northbound shout down 123 to beltway they hope this have it on 6. snow removal there and 295 northbound some lane closures for removal bening road slowing us down. taking a look at metro. some changes are affected orange line in addition to silver line. >> thank you very much. a final face-off with democrats head of next week's iowa caucuses and all three spent the night in des moines for a town hall. >> donald trump skipping out on thursday's republican debate. >> donald trump skipping out on thursday's republican debate. we'll tell you
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>> a large piece of metal found
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on a beach is not from the missing mall asia airlines flight. it does not match that of boeing 777 it's believed it's part of a rocket launched by japan. >> outrage growing in flint michigan continuing to grow as people living there still billed for water that is unsafe to drink. state attorney general launched independent criminal investigation into the lea lead-tainted water crisis to see if laws were broken and his office may take action to start is stop billing those water customers may is the word he iced. it's getting down to ware three democratic presidential candidates gaermed in iowa to address voters before next monday iowa caucuses. one by one they took the stage to answer questions from the audience. >> experience is important but judgment is also important. >> you have to have somebody
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who is a proven, proven fighter. >> so my mess tooming o'malzahnly supporters across the state this: hold strong at your caucus. >> neighboring wide poll shows mrs. clinton in the lead with 52% an saunders with 38% and o'maley far behind at 2%. the republicans will gather on thursday for a one last debate before iowa and donald trump might not thereby. trump says he's not 100% sure he'll attend it's co-hosted by fox news and megan kelly is one of the moderators and he says kelly is not fair to him. even if trum surprise president he has to learn he doesn't get to pick the journalists. >> feud still going on i thought they made up. > somebody bigger then him. >> the urge to splurge turns out a lot are spending big bucks on impulse buys.
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>> lot of cars ♪in. lot of houses ♪in this tuesday morning we get. it we're out and about this morning trying to find trouble spots. "weather and traffic on the 5s" spots. "weather and traffic on the 5s" next
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of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> all right. welcome baulk side streets covered in downtown washington northwest. temperatures a few degrees above freezing that won't make much of a difference and another day with dig-out
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continuing. and things will gradually get bet area round here each day i think. >> steve another effort of humor your bus stop forecast. >> hilarious. >> protest gi right? >> that was yesterday's joke. >> moving sglon it fell so flat yesterday i thought i would try it again. >> obviously i don't this anybody is in cool today. 37 washington. 41 annapolis and 41 leonardtown and washington and points south above freezing here this morning. much warmer than we were 24 hours aing go. warm air moving in from south and west and that's pushing temperatures up. below freezing in gaithersburg. 21 baltimore and 23 this morning in frederick if you're north of town you still below freezing and either way you have to look out for potential for icing as we got this massive snow pack around. probably don't need to tell you that. but keep that in mind. you can slip and fall easily this morning. >> satellite radar little bit of very light mixed precip
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across portions of pennsylvania and then cold front out to the west. there it is. pushing into eastern ohio and kentucky and that moves through later today. so a lot of clouds in the forecast today. will actually be nice and mild daytime highs in the mid 40s and few showers develop later this afternoon with this frontal system again just widely scattered and light showers. could be not enough to cause flooding issues that's good news and few light showers. once the front comes through we may have extra precipitation on the backside of it and late tonight and tomorrow morning there might be a little light wintry maix cross parts of area and not talking about any accumulations. here we are 4:00 that's what i mean by light precip. maybe a spot or two of light shower 4:00 and overnight tonight early tomorrow tomorrow morning our future cast model weather model here trying to get us light shower across southern maryland and lower eastern shore. not a big deal. bottom line today temperatures mid 40s that helps with snow melt late they are afternoon. mostly cloudy.
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late day shower. wind south and west 510 cooler tomorrow and then forecast looks optimistic towardsp end of week. we're concerned about a thursday friday storm. it looks like it will be far enough offshore to probably not be impablinged by that. that's good news. notice warmer temperatures. as we turn the corner to next week we may be 50 or better for several day pier. we have a nice warm-up to look forward to here as we get to the first couple days of february. airport is back with roads. >> i am tucker, 6:18 seeing a lot of snow. 7 east near blue ridge mountain road dealing with lanes blocked 7 west between 287 and loudoun county. let's see if we can take a live look at the power cam. you can see light there trying to get towed out of the way as we adjust the snowy side streets around the station. some parked vehicles to the right have not been moved and other cars look like they're
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couling along. this is perfect example of what you're up against in secondarys in the district. use caution as you head thought morning. one completely reversing backward. looks like quite a scene. there looks like the other one is towing it. we'll keep a close eye on that situation. you'll see a lot of that this morning please use caution. factoring extra time to get through the area. ic eastbound snow removal after 370 closing lanes an water side drive shut down at massachusetts for snow removal and gw parkway shut down. it was supposed to reon around 6 right now shut it down until further notice a lot of snow and ice to clear out. it's safe for vehicles one again. 29 r5 north snow removal bening road and nobody side is seeing glaze and if taking metro silver line not operating and stations closed on orange line they're pateing with shuttle service to third -- because of third rail damage. so vienna fairfax closed and
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dunmoreing and east falls and west falls church all that is closed it picks up service boston and new carlton. you need to be aware of this. that is adjustment from the initial plan metro put out last night. we'll let you know if any major delays pick up for public transportation. metro rail marked penn line scheduled and brunswick no rail or line service vre and check with me wait toer erin "fox5" d.c. allison. >> ever wonder what makes your home valley apptizing try living near whole foods or trader joes we'll tell about you it next. >> i see what you did this apptizing check out air b & b igloo in new york city guess how much. >> free? >> 200 a night? >> boutique witnesserring for two. air b & b took it down saying it doesn't meet site occupancy rules. >> namely bathroom.
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>> good try though. >> 6:20. >> good try though. >> 6:20. >> very
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>> living near a supermarket, a specific couple of super markets may be the key to hom home's value. first let's check markets joining us now is lauren simonetti. hello. hi we have to talk about khip when we talk about the markets. chinese stock 6 1/2% overnight and huge money flowing out of that country.
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most other world indexes traiingd down side. futures here in u.s. are down 139 points as a result. now yesterday we had another sell-off it was first sell-off in three days an a big one. dow fell more than 200 points yesterday and other markets down as well. oil prices flirting with $30 a barrel and broke below 30 moment ago. all righty. let's day a look at couple super markets that can bump on home's value i like it at least for one. >> live near a whole foods or trader joes in fact online realtor saysfy live within a mile of either grocery store you double the value of your home. home values 1997 to 204 and homes within a mile of trader joes and within a mile of whole foods saw it increase average nationally. >> and last but not least i think i know why people are mrurthing at least these part
6:25 am
yore stuck indoors and computer is right next to you. >> called urge so splurge and impulse purchase. credit says more than half of us spent 100 on impulse purchase and also if you look 20% of people spending 1,000 each time. >> that's a lot of money. >> that's a lot. >> trying to go full scene but i can't sore. >> i you're more than enough. lauren, we'll see you tomorrow. >> all righty bye-by >> i live within a mile of whole foods and i've gone twic twice. >> we stop all the time. >> really? >> i don't. >> even when i don't necessarily want to stop there i'm like whole foods is great sometimes you need like jive peanut butter. >> that's more my speed. >> i got you. >> good news new live near whole food or trader joe ees do you. >> i would have to get a ruler maybe 5 or 10 miles maybe. >> you won't see that benefit.
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>> reagan national 37, dulles 34. bwi marshall 21. that's amazing look at sgrepcy 16 degrees difference between reagan national. >> there's sgrepcy at reagan national. >> i'm sorry i was baiting you there a little bit. >> i get that. >> 16 degrees difference between b. wi and reagan national. parts -- here in the city we're getting off lucky. it's relatively mild. mild day today. everybody around 40 or better. mid 40s here in city. and mostly cloudy with a couple showers developing late today. couple showers later this afternoon. notice cold temperatures are not here on the 7 day. we'll be 50 or better by this weekend. each day a little better. >> lots of water ruining down the streets. >> i need a pair of good boots. >> gators like melanie has. >> i've been walking a around in sneakers two days. >> come on gang we can get a go fund me, me, steve and er. go fund me on tucker's snow
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gear. >> after impressive snow shoveling of the car yesterday i think you earned snow boots. >> i'm sore from that. >> are you? >> i have fishing waiters i could bring you. they would go up to your hips. >> snow removal in loudoun. 7 east and westbound and eastbound to moun ton ton and westbound to 287. caution 295 reading road and northbound seeing delays build. station closed today. silver line not operating with service and orange line. shuttle service is available deeing with third rail damage. vienna, dunn lorn and east falls khur ofch all orange lines closed service boston to new carlton. we'll let you know infy other problems pick up. vre no service. mark train service adjusted and metro bus operating on severe weather schedule check in before you head out detour and delay as well. take a look at we're seeing
6:28 am
traffic flowing into the districts than usual. then i guess yesterday for blizzard. steve. >> erin, thanks. still ahead ways ardz not good on the home court. we hear from coach about last night's struggle. >> we're out and about hitting the side streets. any news when we might get dug out. sheila i'm trying to find out for you. a lot of people still ♪in this morning. a lot of people still ♪in this morning. we'll be right back
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>> welcome to the "fox5 news morning". 6:35. heavy snow creating dangerous companies for pedestrians. in silver spring a man was shuk by a snowplow walking on georgia avenue. she expected to survive. please be safe out there. if you can get on where the sidewalk would be better than the street i assure you. >> montgomery county meantime crews work around the clock to clear out piles of snow. melanie alnwick is in silver spring with the latest on road conditions. there mel, you who is it looking. >> you know, it was looking really good. and then like i said he were asking people to tell us where it's not so good. we're here verona drive silver
6:32 am
spring and it's few any the top part they started to -- we're going to try to navigate -- >> sorry, we apologize folks we're losing cellphone signal there. it happens. you have to be extra careful out there. some roads stopped because of piles of snow. let us know what it is like in your neighborhood. we'll do our best to get as many places as we can. >> and sports this mornings. wizards back in action. it doesn't go well. hosting celtics team they filed beat in three previous tries keen not get the job done. maybe rusty since saturday's
6:33 am
game was postponed due to blizzard or maybe 20 turnovers. good news lack in the lineup, the bad news is first half marcus part driving for lay-up. watch this four arm face. ouch. left elbow comes down hard on bradley beihl. beihl suffered a blood xwli nose and was forced to leave the game did not even travel to toronto with the team today. he'll go through league conclusion protocol. second half fell apart. they lose 116-91 lost all four games to celtics so nar season. right now we want to be something and are we willing to put out there whether it's practice or in game what it takes to be who we want to be.
6:34 am
right now we're not. tip-off raptors set for 7:30. good news the panthers all timeline backer davis senior who broke his arm sunday is expected to be in the super bowl did you miss the part he broke his arm sunday. he underwent surgery yesterday and will most likely wear a brace on his arm during the big game less than two weeks away and playing one of the best in the league. even though the broncos are home team for super bowl they will not wear orange jerseys instead decided to go with the white road uniform. reason why, superstition. denver wore white in super bowl win 17 years ago. the team wore orange ones when lost it sea thukz years ago. got go with the jerseys that got you there. >> think so? little good thing, jinx thing?
6:35 am
right. >> you go with it. doesn't work this time maybe blue next time i don't know. >> i don't believe in splitting pole and going under ladder why do. it why do it? >> why take the chance. >> you don't go there often you want to get it right. >> all right. we're featuring temperatures locally which really are all over the place. 37 in city. above freezing. just to the north we're 21 b wixt mar sthal horng and in mid 20s much of montgomery county. so there's a look at regional numbers. i wanted to point out that south and west we have warmer air that will get in here today and daytime highs for everybody will be above freezing and in city mid 40s. parts upper 30s, low 40s. nice looking afternoon temperature wise won'ting a good day. clouds in. it showers. we have a weak -- it's very weak cold front coming through later this afternoon. and this evening. and this the will kickoff a few light showers this afternoon
6:36 am
and then might end in a brief period of wintry mix overnight and early tomorrow morning and not concerned with accumulation. 44 today. generally cloudy out there again and showers west five to ten. warmer temperatures. no big storms on or izod. we thought thursday friday we had to look out for. we thought they were in good shape for that. >> basically yeah. i made a quick phone call. >> it's one and two. >> you're a week late on that one. >> i gave into last one. >> erin is controlling world vl traffic. >> breaking news 6:36 a picture of water main break in laurel. it's 4th and montrose police are asking to you avoid that area. water is gushing and flooding street. you can see the snow all around. it will cause icy conditions. you need to take a detour around that 4 and montrose in laurel aside from that we're track a lot of other problems
6:37 am
around town. let's see if we can pull up the map right there again at the water main break. heading out to sky fox right now and show what you you are up against. >> 20 montrose and we'll get a picture in a moment. 20 all backed up montrose because of now that is stuck as you make your way 12 3 to nu nutly blocked for snow removal and causing slow down as well. back to the map aside from 295 northbound side bening we are dealing with snow removal there causing delays and water side drive shut down in massachusetts and gw parkway closed 123 to beltway and snow renoovl loudoun county right now, 7 affected east and westbound. we'll keep you updated and check in with metro next. orangeth line dealing with adjustments for rail damage. that's a look at traffic. steve. >> still ahead maybe you saw
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the video trending. half marathon and alley entered up in the course phone the first place. >> and still digging out. we have you covered taking a >> and still digging out. we have you covered taking a look at side streets. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you is to provide choices that offer you the best prices, quality and selection. wake up with wegmans family pack ♪ 1,2,3,4 you can save 30% or more.
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>> police need your help finding this missing woman. he is 84 years old last seen in the 7200 block windsor place in high atville. at the time she was wearing a black coat and red shirt. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> good news if you have not yet gotten a round to shoveling sidewalk and d.c., prince george, ar ling town county and we will wait to write tickets. citations for unshoveled walkways. officials say right now and residents will dot best they can. priority will be round city and school bus stops. i saw a bus stop 8 feet of snow to get to the bus stop. in d.c. those who need help shoveling can call and ask for assist apts fine that number on our web site. >> let me tell you something if they start writing tickets for sidewalks before they clear the streets i wish there were a way to write it back. d.c. taxi cab commission. >> outrageous. >> outrage will continue.
6:42 am
remember they took that $15 fee off. emergency fare fee if you got in a cab and said no, no, no, we won't charge that anymore. they reinstated $15 snow emergency fee to metered fare. no word when it mighting lifte lifted. taxi riders in virginia and maryland can expect a snow fee. lessen 2 to 5 gentleman tlarz in d. -- i mean virginia and maryland, 15 in d.c. extra fee get a cab. >> despite closed today d.c. public schools will once again help those in need of food. ten schools across the district are opening doors until -- from 10 to noon. offering free lunch and breakfast. full list of schools is on the web site. mayor muirial bowser says the district has given out over 500 meals to twhoz need them and let me say kudos -- >> that's a job well done. >> job well done. >> some good and some bad. >> that's in the good category.
6:43 am
>> coming up next a roadway incident you have to see to believe. >> and reminder before the break if you have a news >> and reminder before the break if you have a news typical 202-8 95-200 we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living
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their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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>> you can see cars navigate around there and there's mechanical issues with everything out there. as soon as you head out the door it doesn't mean you won't get where you're going without a few obstacles in the way. sometimes it's a snow bank. the road disappeared and the snow came out on to. it sometimes there's broken down vehicles. be careful out there this morning. now, here's the situation as well. that was up in northwest. 45 street in d.c.. this is sky fox over 207 southbound plows on the roads. a lot of folks getting a aroun around. do not expect things to be back to normal they're not. this is why schools are close closedment and why the government is closed. you have cabin fever and feel like you need to get somewhere. pack your patience it will take long to get everything back to normal. one things that might hip today tucker at least melting some of that snow.
6:47 am
>> dwhi at my house park half a mile away at a local church parking lot and sgluj put on the hiking gear. >> you can't expect everything to backpack to normal. >> or once in forever. >> that too. >> some of the local airports. let's get to. it icing issues this morning. particularly north and west. temperatures dropped back to the 20s. we'll ebb and flow the next couple days. warming up above freezing during daytime hours and at night much of the area dips below freezing, not bad in washington. 39 quantico and 41 annapolis and notice warmer temperatures locally and then you get up to baltimore, 21. freezing in gaithersburg, 23 frederick and 25 makers town and 27 in martinsburg. we have cold temperatures just north and west. actually freezing rain advisory for washington county and parts of extreme western maryland as we have had some very, very light rain and freezing rain
6:48 am
and just light wintery mix coming through north and west and extremely light. you can see in satellite and radar. for the rest of us clouds today and couple showers and when i say couple i mean a few scattered showers with the cold front. warm enough. rain. temperatures mid 40s. front ones hang autopsy cross the area tonight and then colder air comes in we might see end to snowflakes or wintry mix particularly computer models putting in sorp maryland this morning again this is not a repeat of what we had a few days ago. th is very, very light stuff. cold front comes through. wintry mix. snow shower early tomorrow morning not enough to be concerned about as it will be just very, very light stuff and then we should be back in 30s for daytime eyes tomorrow. 44 today. that helps with melting and keep it above freezing tonight in city right around freezing norm and west 39 tomorrow and we also take me storm out of thursday, friday forecast. that's nice and look at that by sunday monday 50 or better.
6:49 am
so real story will be you need good shoes, quality shoes erin to keep your feet nice and dry during melting season here. >> sounds good. >> and on sunday morning will i goat have outside brunch for birthday. >> outside brunch? >> mimosa outdoors? >> listen if you have one indoors you can do anything you want outdoors. but i would advised you know depend how hard you prepare for this. >> i have spring opt mind. i know that's not practical. as folks dig out we have a lot of problems 270 nowing right now because of that the local lanes shut down. looks like now one lane of traffic getting by. traffic before was forked off at false road from local lanes. 270 southbound really slow. and you can see this nowing operations are working really hard to get things back to normle a. traffic diverting back to through lanes. so it's a mess. we'll keep up updated 270 as you head from frederick or
6:50 am
gaithersburg be prepared for that. switching over 395 not looking much better as we look at cameras: blocked for plowing by king street. north to pentagon dealing way crash and those flashing lights we're taking a look right now we'll get to that in a moment. keep in mind left lane blocked by pentagon for accident. basically 395 stacked beltway on up. 66 nutly street also dealing way loft delays. that's up past 123 because of nowing operations and look at maps now and show what you else you're facing this morning. icc eastbound after 370 snow removal and again you see red zone because of local lanes being closed after falls road on southbound side. aside from that water main break big up in laurel. fourth and montrose avenue avoid intersection waters gushing into the intersection and creating really slick and wet conditions out there and aside from that we have 395 northbound like i told you and
6:51 am
really jammed up you can see huge line of red because of problems. 295 northbound beping snow removal. snow removal operations lanes on majors even though clear you have delays here's closer look at that. aside from that metro picking up for more normal service this morning and silver line still affected and orange line we have four stations that are closed out there. and be prepared for that. they are shuttle bussing and service boston new carlton marked pen line s schedule no vre today and bus operating on severe schedule with detours and delays. lots of slow down. have patience as you dig out and get to work this morning. drive safely. back to you guys. >> in today's health watch we've bone for years differences between heart attacks in men and women. symptoms different. it appears women are not listening to warnings signs so american heart associationtion is out with a sign tichk statement with new findings m women symptoms include
6:52 am
shortness of breath. nausea and back or neck pain. another concern women might not be getting care quickly enough or proper care when they go to hospital. know symptoms. >> case of road rage caught on camera in austin, texas. these guys not happy it looks like out of a sword fighting movie they decided to settle issues with baseball bat and pole of some type like out a ninja movie there. >> hate to see that. >> what. >> ridiculous. >> wept back in cars and wept on way afterwards. >> let's end things on brighter note now. love this story. this is finisher in half marathon. finished 7th place fantastic job. it's not a person it's a dog. she's a blood hound and went viral after wandered on to the race in alabama wept outside to take a walk and stum blingd across the starting line own trail and ran the entire 13.1 mile half marathon and finished in 7th place.
6:53 am
cool thing they gave her a medal. >> yes ! >> she got a medal finishing 1:32:56 the owner didn't know where the dog was the dog was missing for almost two hours and she said she started to see pictures pop up online of her dog with a medal around its neck and said that's my dog. >> hon quli let's go get the dog she finished a half marathon again. >> shocking because my dog is kind of lazy and doesn't do much. >> guess what? >> you can imagine. >> just rap a half marathon. >> you can imagine running than dog knew where to go. >> one woman said sixth place finisher said the dog ran with her most of the time and got distracted and came back to her. >> by the way yesterday i was off and this is what i was doing yesterday digging out my entire front end of car. >> you should have called tucker he cleared his out in a half hour. >> it took mane hour. my lower back is crushing me ki
6:54 am
not walk straight. did it hurt your back at all. >> thanks to reviewers i learned you have to bend your needs. >> did not know that. >> less than half month ai away from oscars and chris rock is rewriting monolog. rock had written a draft for show and threw it out and started over as "things got a little proactive and exciting" you can expect jokes about the oscars so white hash tag and he's confident he will deliver something people will talk about for weeks and remember there's been a lot of talk asking chris rock to step down as host and actor tyrese was vocal about it on interviews and social media uming him to step down as host. rock told "people" magazine "the statement you make is you step down" he said "there's no joke to crack to change the way we all feel" question to you do you think she should step down
6:55 am
i think he should use it and use the platt fourth to talk of lack of diversity. >> yes i'll leave it at that yes. >> i feel like by him stepping down -- >> he can't step down. >> i think he needs to host the show and be there to do the show and use the platform and talk about lack of diversity. everyone is questioning whether or not he should do it or not. >> because as a boycott you mean. >> yeah. >> no. >> i think. >> you host it. >> i think you have to host it. >> and building hype around the fact now you need to watch it to see what chris rock will do without addressing the real issue. >> could make for walkard moments. >> i love chris rock i'm excited to see him host. >> let's check in with tucker barnes 6:55 now how do we sdmrook not bad in city obviously snow back out there. 37 to start the day. cloudy skies. just a couple showers around this afternoon. town to 36. 36 dulles as well. bwi marshall 15 degrees colder. warmer air take to work in norm
6:56 am
and east and has not had success further north of city. all right so everybody should warm it up. 40 or bet they are afternoon. this will be warm elingt day of the workweek. highs in the 34eud 40s. might be a shower. see light sprinkles out in eastern ohio headed in our are area. not a big deal. there might be a wintery mix tomorrow morning not a big dea deal. temperatures remain above freezing in city overnight tonight and there's 7 day that features temperatures of 50 or better, surprised, monday, warmer temperatures to look forward to later this week. lots of track with erin. >> traffic is bad tucker it's so bad i stress ate three pieces of chocolate for breakfast. 270 chopper over big problems snowplow is out because of that local lanes affected and some traffic forced off at falls road americaning there into plowed lane to through lanes and big delays see caution crews working hard. we'll check in now with camera
6:57 am
cameras. aside from that 395 dealing with accident by pentagon and you can see traffic backed up. we're dealing with lanes blocked for snow removal to king street to beltway on up huge delays. that's goods to know if you wake newspaper alexandria or arlington we look at 66 backed up by nutly next keep to "fox5 news morning" we you have covered as you dig out tuesday news morning" we you have covered as you dig out tuesday morning
6:58 am
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>> right now it's 7:00. more than two days aft mrizard of 2016 plenty of people still stuck in their homes. streets unplowed. sidewalks impassable and schools, businesses, governments, closed all morning we'll take out places we're telling about you in the great "fox5" dig-out. >> plus, more concern this morning about slick roads with black ice. being the major issue. and metro is back up and running. still on a limited basis. details on how to navigate through the blizzard and aftermath. impact in a commute. it's coming up. >> outside a blizzard land the world moves on without us including race for white house and less than a week before iowa caucuses democratic candidates making pitches highlights and analysis of town candidates making pitches highlights and analysis of town hall meeting straight ahead.


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